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IPv6 Compliance
Name of Supplier and/or Developer
University of Wisconsin–Madison
Does developer claim IPv6 compliance?
Don't know
From which version of the application does the developer claim IPv6 compliance?
Does it bind to both stacks?
Don't know/not tested
Is IPv6 preferred by default?
Can it be configured to prefer IPv6 or IPv4?
More information and/or link(s) to ticket(s)
IPv6 is supported with limitations (as of version 8.1):
- Microsoft Windows platforms are not supported.
- Mixed IPv4/IPv6 pools are not supported.
- Security policies cannot use IP addresses, only host names. If using NO_DNS=TRUE, the host names are reformatted IP addresses, and can be matched against those.
- NETWORK_INTERFACE must be set to a specific IPv6 address. It is not possible to use multiple IPv6 interfaces on a single computer.
- There must be valid IPv6 (AAAA) DNS and reverse DNS records for the computers. Setting the configuration NO_DNS=TRUE removes this limitation.
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