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IPv6 Compliance

IPv6 fields will be added to GOCDB soon. The next release (v5.2, due in a week or so) includes placeholders in the DB for defining these addresses:
- An additional IPv6 field for individual Services
- An additional IPv6 range field for Sites

Note, in the first 5.2 release, these new fields will be hidden. This is to allow any unrelated PI interoperability issues associated with the 5.2 release to be resolved first. I'll then advertise the new IPv6 fields so that dependent tools can accommodate before rendering them in the PI.
Related GGUS:  https://ggus.eu/ws/ticket_info.php?ticket=100472

Does developer claim IPv6 compliance?
Don't know
Does it bind to both stacks?
Don't know/not tested
Is IPv6 preferred by default?
Don't know/not tested
Can it be configured to prefer IPv6 or IPv4?
Don't know/not tested
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