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Sites IPv6 connectivity

Name Type LHCOPN IPv6 peering LHCONE IPv6 peering LHCONE IPv6 peers NREN IPv6 peers IPv6 LAN dualstack perfSONAR dualstack storage percentage by 1st April 2017 dualstack storage percentage by 31st May 2017 dualstack storage percentage by 31st July 2017 Network Statistics Notes date last update
UKI-LT2-IC-HEP Tier2 Yes Janet Janet Yes 100 02/17/2017
TRIUMF Tier1 Yes Yes Canarie BCNET Yes Yes 0 TRIUMF MW readiness storage is 100% running on dual stack since April 26. And data transfer is primarily using ipv6 now. 05/05/2017
RAL Tier1 Yes JANET Yes Yes 0 20 100 IPv6 storage connectivity referes to ECHO/Ceph, Castor will not (ever) be dual stack. 05/23/2017
praguelcg2 (FZU) Tier2 No Yes CESNET CESNET Yes Yes 100

NL-T1-Nikhef Tier1 Yes No GEANT SURFnet Yes No 0 0 100

Full dual stack coming soon; direct peering with CERN is up. 04/07/2017
NL-T1 SARA-MATRIX Tier1 Yes Yes GEANT SURFnet Yes Yes 0 100 100 Production dual stack enabled May 1 2017. 05/04/2017
NDGF Tier1 Yes Yes NORDUnet NORDUnet Yes Yes 100 100 100,,traffic,peak

percentage of dualstack storage to be checked
KR-KISTI-GSDC Tier1 No No No No 0 0 50 Working on enabling IPv6 dualstack for T1 services 04/10/2017
JINR-T1 Tier1 Yes Yes RETN RETN Yes Yes 0 100 100 06/01/2017
INFN CNAF Tier1 Yes Yes GARR GARR Yes Yes 0 0 20

FR-LAPP Tier2 No Yes RENATER RENATER Yes Yes 0 04/27/2017
FR-GRIF_LPNHE Tier2 No Yes RENATER RENATER Yes Yes 0 07/12/2017
FR-GRIF_LLR Tier2 No Yes RENATER RENATER Yes Yes 0 04/27/2017
FR-GRIF_LAL Tier2 No Yes RENATER RENATER Yes No 0 04/27/2017
FR-GRIF_IRFU Tier2 No Yes RENATER RENATER Yes Yes 100 02/16/2017
FR-CPPM Tier2 No Yes RENATER RENATER Yes Yes 0 04/28/2017
FR-CCIN2P3 Tier1 Yes Yes RENATER RENATER Yes Yes 50 100 100


FNAL Tier1 Yes Yes ESnet ESnet Yes Yes 0 0 Dual-stack storage configuration in progress... 02/17/2017
ES-PIC Tier1 Yes Yes RedIRIS RedIRIS Yes Yes 100 100 100


DESY Tier2 Yes DFN DFN Yes Yes 0 02/16/2017
DE-KIT/GridKa Tier1 Yes Yes DFN DFN Yes Yes 2 5 60


new dCache storage is currently deployed in dual-stack 02/16/2017
CH-CERN Tier0 Yes Yes GEANT, ESnet, CERNlight GEANT, SWITCH, RENATER, SURFnet, NORDUnet, ASGCnet, KREOnet, Internet2, CANARIE Yes Yes 5 15 15

IPv6 has been enabled on FTS since 12/2016. Grid submission to HTCondor is enabled via IPv6. MyProxy also runs dual stack IPv6. 05/11/2017
Brunel London Tier2 No No Yes No 100 02/17/2017
BNL Tier1 Yes Yes ESNet ESNet No Yes 100 All Gridftp/WebDAV/XROOTd doors have been dual stacked. SRM is still pending. IPv6 has been disabled for BNL instance of FTS due to issues observed between dCache sites and plain gridftp sites for the production transfers. 02/16/2017
ASGC Tier1 Yes Yes GEANT, ESnet GEANT, ESnet Yes Yes 90 100 100 Dual stack storage will be soon available. 03/21/2017