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Name of Supplier and/or Developer: 
University of Wisconsin–Madison
Does developer claim IPv6 compliance?: 
Don't know
From which version of the application does the developer claim IPv6 compliance?: 
Does it bind to both stacks?: 
Don't know/not tested
Is IPv6 preferred by default?: 
Can it be configured to prefer IPv6 or IPv4?: 
More information and/or link(s) to ticket(s): 
IPv6 is supported with limitations (as of version 8.1): - Microsoft Windows platforms are not supported. - Mixed IPv4/IPv6 pools are not supported. - Security policies cannot use IP addresses, only host names. If using NO_DNS=TRUE, the host names are reformatted IP addresses, and can be matched against those. - NETWORK_INTERFACE must be set to a specific IPv6 address. It is not possible to use multiple IPv6 interfaces on a single computer. - There must be valid IPv6 (AAAA) DNS and reverse DNS records for the computers. Setting the configuration NO_DNS=TRUE removes this limitation.
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